In a World Where

Loving Yourself

is a Rebellious Act


EmbraceBoudoir_2018_Cherell_011 bw.jpg

 With any great


love and appreciation

has to be built.

That includes your relationship with your body! Every person who steps in front of my lens has a unique story that deserves to be explored. I want to give you a safe space to build the necessary foundation to a healthier body image. Right now, what do you see when you look in the mirror ? “I’m not skinny enough,” “My boobs are too small,” “I have too much cellulite,” “I wish my stretch marks would disappear.” These are just some of the common insecurities my clients have shared with me. Every single client of mine will tell you they were nervous coming in for their session, but they will also tell you: it’s not as scary as you think. Come play with the Embrace team for a day; we’re not just making “pretty” pictures; we’ll use our time together to create vulnerable and sensual photographs of who you are in this very moment, and you’ll walk away with the ability to look back in that mirror and say with confidence: “This is me. I’m fucking HOT!”



Our Mission -

Advocates for

Body Diversity

Here at Embrace Boudoir, we promise to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for all body types and to challenge cultural and societal beauty ideals. We promise to celebrate a wide variety of body types, colors, ages, ethnicity, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, religions, classes, and other human attributes on this website and within EB's social media in an attempt to improve the variation of body types that we standardly see in the photography industry/media.


Ashlee, Photographer

I'm a creative soul, a geek, and a mama with a serious love for all things potatoes. While I've been a photographer for almost a decade, it was in early 2016 that I discovered boudoir through my own session which lit a fire within my soul and I was able to overcome past traumas that were holding me back from loving myself. I was finally free to accept (and dare I say LOVE) my body. I knew I had to share that experience with as many others as possible, and thus my mission was born: to provide a safe space for people to explore what their sensuality means to them... I've never looked back!


Angelina, Makeup Artist

Personally, makeup has always been an artistic outlet. When I finally decided to take the leap and become a professional, is when I realized just how much of an impact my art can have on others. When I meet clients, they are almost always shaking with nerves. They sit in my chair and immediately start to apologize for their breakouts, untamed brows and childhood scars. I brush their concerns to the side as I get to work not to hide their “flaws”, but accentuate all the beauty they already hold.


Keelena, Boobsistant

I’m here to help! Need some Starbucks? I got you. Need a cheerleader? Das me! I help you and Ashlee during shoots, by doing things like fixing wardrobe/hair malfunctions, moving stuff, catching falling lights, doing funny dances, etc. Once you've ordered your photos, I also do the skin retouching (and Ashlee works her magic afterwards)! I love working at Embrace because it’s a very positive environment and I get to meet the most beautiful people inside and out!